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    Spring roll powder
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    1. Ingredients: Rice flour (72.4%), starch, salt.
    2. Instructions:

    Rice steamed roll mix: 220g

    Add: Water: 500g (500ml)

             Cooking oil: 20g

    Step 1: Put steamed roll flour, water, cooking oil into a bowl to stir well.

    Step 2: Leave the stirred flour untouched for 20 – 30 minutes.

    Step 3: Heat up the non stick pan, pour a thin layer of oil in the pan.

    Step 4: Pour one spoon of flour to make a thin layer over low fire. Put on a cover until it is cooked. Take off the cover and take out the steamed roll and put it on an oily tray. Put the inside and roll it

    • Hot steamed roll is served with ham, sour pork and spicy and sour fish sauce.