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    Tempura mix
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    1. Ingredients: Wheat flour, baking powder,  corn starch....

    2. Instructions:

         Step 1: Apply a coat of dry powder over plant roots or sea products.

         Step 2: Pour the bag of Mikko Tempura into bowl. According to proportion (100grs mix powder and 160 grs water).

         Step 3: Stir up the mixture until it is  evenly mixed (still clots acceptable). Put the plant roots or sea products into the powder bowl.

         Step 4: Fry at the Temperature 170 - 175oC until the mixture get a beautiful metal yellow color.



    - In frying shrimps, to pour the already mixed powder onto shrimps being fried will get a better taste. The thickness of mixed powder varies according to your taste.

    - Powder should be fried right after evenly mixed (not longer than 15 minutes)